By far, the AFD assembly was the best assembly we have ever had at Mountain View! ... What we liked best was your ability to get the kids up throughout the assembly, let them move a little, and then sit them back down, focused and ready to watch more. Your 5-2-1-0 message was easy for the students to remember and we discussed the topic in more detail in our following health class...
Jan Kerr
PE Teacher (Mountain View Elementary)
Once again, you put on a great show for our students and staff. Fun and educational. An example of students applying what they learned...shortly after the performance, one of our 5th graders was interviewed by a local news station and asked what he had learned so far. He was able to explain 5-2-1-0 without any prompting! Thank you for your continuing support.
Bob Wedel
Principal (Edith Wolford Elementary)
…thank you to the Educational Theatre group for the amazing job they did at my kids' school this week. My kids are in the 4th and 5th grade and each of them came home and commented about the wonderful play they saw (and participated in) about bullying... It sounds like it was engaging, participative, informative, and funny...
Deb Friesen, MD
Parent (Maple Grove Elementary)
Great, fun, interactive way to teach 5-2-1-0, which is our health and wellness message this year.
Jen Norris
Teacher (Coal Creek Canyon Elementary)
As usual, the KP performance was professional, upbeat, and fun! The sheer level of professionalism had an impact on our students... I've stopped several students in the hallway or cafeteria and they told me what 5210 means. CYL was perfect for addressing the importance of being a courageous bystander.
John Rector
Counselor (Columbine Elementary)
That was the best assembly we have ever had at Peabody. Strong message, engaging technology and applicable to all ages of children. Keep up the extraordinary work!
Kristin Ryan
Principal (Peabody Elementary)
Thank you for visiting High Plains. Our students loved your performance. Your programs send such important messages to our students about their physical and social/emotional wellness. Teachers can then continue to emphasize those messages through their classes, meetings, and interactions. Thank you for supporting our school!
Lisa Morris
Principal (High Plains Elementary)

Arts Integrated Resources Strives to Inspire Health-Enhancing Choices Through the Magic of Live Theatre

Since 1985, Kaiser Permanente has improved community health by presenting award-winning educational theatre programs as a free community service. Over 2 million people in Colorado have been inspired to make health-enhancing choices through the magic of live theatre. The programs have evolved into a series of dynamic plays, skill-building workshops and residencies which address a variety of topics for all ages. All programs are developed with the guidance of a community advisory group, health care professionals, and young people.

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