Catch Three Rising Stars, Bright Hair, Even Brighter Futures


Arts Integrated Resources (AIR) has certainly had its fair share of incredible youth interns over the years, and these three blue hair-highlights are no exception. During an interview with Danielle Perez, Rayni Lewis and Lucey Reyes, we are provided a firsthand look at why these three power house youth leaders value their time with Kaiser Permanente.

Q: Why did you choose to work/intern here with Youth Engagement?

A: Rayni Lewis (Two year member of the Community Health Action Team (CHAT), Denver South High School Sr. currently taking a full class load at the Community College of Denver ),“I had two jobs for a while but quit one of them…I have been trying to save up for travel…I had been looking for a job and really wanted to find something that suited me and obviously something that I liked with a decent amount of money…I realized that was CHAT for me, …it’s something I’m always enthusiastic about…I take pride in all of the things we do…It was really about doing something I felt passionate about and something that could make a difference…I knew there had been interns before and I thought this could be a way to get more involved…”

A: Lucey Reyes (Two year member of CHAT, June 2012- July 2014, Graduate of Aurora Central High School, current AIR intern),”A big part was because I loved the importance and respect we, as students, received from Sam and Mark when I was a CHAT member. Too often are youth ignored for their “immaturity” that it sometimes affects their motivation to create change in what they are passionate about, they might even be discouraged to speak up or advocate for anything. Rarely do they have the opportunity to actually be listened to, or have the opportunity to put their ideas to work. My time with CHAT helped me grow not only as a presenter and social butterfly, but it helped me to become more expressive…”

FullSizeRenderA: Danielle Perez (Four year member of CHAT, Lotus School of Excellence/Lonesmith High School Sr., current AIR intern),”I was pursuing graphic design but I recently changed my career path to animal rescue and animal behavior… I realized that the one thing I am truly passionate about is advocacy, and the thing I love most is animals and who better to advocate for than things that don’t have a voice..I grew a love for the things we do with CHAT and by working here it really did help me figure out what I wanted to do, and even though I won’t be advocating as much for youth I still am advocating in a way…I am also passionate about advocating for my community”

Q: What might be a few gems you will walk away with from your experience with Kaiser Permanente?

A: Rayni: “…I have enjoyed working in the health field with CHAT, however I’m not so sure that is the career path I want to take, however advocacy is a huge take away for me, I definitely want to go into something where I do advocate for people, I have been thinking about this nature therapy program I would love to be a part of and I think that has been shaped by my personal experience.”

Rayni and DanielleA: Lucey: “…Thanks to CHAT, I became more expressive of myself, not only to be able to present but to use it for my dream career as a musician.”

A: Danielle: “…I am not the same person I was my freshman year …CHAT has helped me become an individual…the community we have in CHAT is strong and all though we only meet once a month I feel close to them all, especially Sam and Mark, they are like our second mothers because they care so much about all of us…The connection that we have in CHAT needs to be implemented in all of the communities we work with and that is what will make the difference.”