Arts Integrated Resources integrates the arts with multi-media technology and public health knowledge to improve community health. Through the years, over three million people in Colorado have been reached by our free programs in the following areas:

Community Impact

Kaiser Permanente Colorado’s Arts Integrated Resources department seeks innovative ways to employ the arts to improve and strengthen communities. We do this through a variety of different mechanisms, including investments in programs and organizations. We have become increasingly interested in assessing the impact of our investments.

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Educational Theatre

These high energy, interactive plays encourage youth to consider healthier options in their lives. Our current programming focuses on social and emotional health, and allows audiences to learn about the benefits and consequences of their choices.

People Like Vince

People Like Vince is a social and emotional wellness play for elementary students about two family members who learn to love each other despite their differences (for grades 2-6).

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Invisible Feelings

Invisible Feelings is a lower elementary program presented in combination with People Like Vince.  Students explore empathy through Trudy Ludwig’s popular book, The Invisible Boy (for grades K & 1)

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When You're Seeing Stars

When You’re Seeing Stars is a social and emotional wellness play for elementary students that addresses the stress young people face in their daily lives (for grades 2-6).

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Experiential Learning

Our multi-talented facilitators create open dialogue and tools to navigate social issues through story-telling, improvisational theatre techniques, and interactive exercises. Audiences come away with new perspectives on the health benefits of laughter and a greater understanding of the needs and health challenges of people with limited financial resources.


Adult Program — Laughaceuticals is an interactive workshop where adult participants engage in improvisational theatre techniques and exercises to have fun, laugh, and play.

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Care Equity Project

A collaborative effort to assist community health care providers and Kaiser Permanente staff and physicians in improving health equities for patients living with limited financial resources.

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Confronting Conflict

Middle School —Role play and other interactive exercises are used to address age-appropriate comprehensive health, and reading, writing & communicating standards.

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Youth Engagement

Our dynamic leaders build partnerships and coordinate initiatives that allow youth to create solutions to community and school health challenges. They mentor youth to work side-by-side with adults to influence policy and create programs that promote health— where people live, work and learn.

Youth Engagement

High School Program — Youth from across the state, partner with professional teaching artists and with experts from school, city and state organizations, generating creative solutions for improving the health of their friends, family and communities.

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