The Care Equity Project is a collaborative effort to assist community health care providers and Kaiser Permanente staff and physicians in improving health equities for patients living with limited financial resources. Incorporated into this project are a variety of experiential activities and educational sessions that raise awareness, disseminate knowledge and develop skills to deepen an understanding of people who experience financial challenges:

  • Loose Change: A theatrical presentation sharing real-life stories of people living with limited financial resources and the challenges they face in health care settings. The play raises awareness and sets the stage for discussion and educational workshops.
  • Care Equity Workshops: A series of educational workshops that provide experiential activities to increase knowledge, address bias, develop skills and promote equitable and empathetic health care.

Target audience: Adults

Duration: The workshops are customizable and can vary from 1-6 hours.

Cost: Free

Reach, Partnerships and Impact

The Care Equity Project (CEP) was born out of a desire to assist care-givers in delivering empathetic care and to enrich the quality and hospitality of health care delivery for everyone.  The Access to Care Team and Kaiser Permanente Case Managers partnered together to develop the Care Equity Project.  Since it’s inception, CEP has worked with various higher education institutions and health organizations and institutions including: (UCCS) University of Colorado, Colorado Springs School of Nursing, Clinica Family Health Services, Colorado Community Health Network, Peak Vista, and The Institute of Health.

The Actors


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I think the actors and group facilitators did such a wonderful job of bringing up tough subjects and getting us to see how we can all improve on how we interact with each other and our patients.

— Participant of Clinica Family Health Services

In my previous experiences as a nursing student, I have had less than adequate clinical
experience with varied cultures or poverty to prepare me for my career as a nurse. The
limited interactions have led me to feel largely unprepared for future situations and
lacking confidence regarding these types of interactions. However, I feel infinitely more
confident in my ability to treat and address diverse patient populations after the Kaiser Care Equity workshop.

— Nursing student

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