Laughaceuticals is an interactive workshop where ADULT participants engage in improvisational theatre techniques and exercises to have fun, laugh, and play. Throughout the workshop, ideas and statistics supported by evidenced-based research, are provided and discussed to raise awareness about the importance of laughter for our well-being. Laughaceuticals is an effective tool for professional development and stress management, thanks to its ability to foster cohesion and connection among participants. Click here for links to improv games.

Duration: 30 minutes for set-up, 60 to 90 minutes for each workshop.

Cost: Free. Laughaceuticals is a part of Kaiser Permanente’s Community Benefit.

Reach, Partnerships, Impact.

Laughaceuticals was developed to help educate the community on the health benefits of laughter. Kaiser Permanente’s Population Care and Prevention Services department was instrumental in the creation of this workshop. Laughaceuticals: Laughter as Wellness has been effective in reaching various corporations (National Jewish Health), schools (Douglas County School District), communities (Denver Housing Authority), senior citizen (Brook Dale Senior Living Community) and youth groups (Migrant Youth Leadership).

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We all loved you so much! Thank you thank you for coming out to our school. You really made an impact and many teachers said they have already implemented some things from your time with us.

— Janie Salazar, Littleton Academy Charter School

We had a BLAST today – thank you so very much! You did an amazing job…we couldn’t stop talking about some of the silly things over lunch, so I would say that is a success!
Again, we had such a great time – thank you, thank you, thank you!!

— Kristin Olson, University of Denver

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