Thank you to everyone who attended the

#LeadTheChangeCO Summit

in October of 2016!

At the summit, 100 Colorado youth and adults from across Colorado gathered to design a movement. We want you to be a part of it. We will connect and collaborate through social media, but take action in our communities.

Join the movement through three social media platforms:

Our goal is to:

  • Increase connectivity between youth and youth serving organizations across Colorado
  • Provide a framework for young people to practice leadership through four simple skills:
    • Listening to Learn
    • Speaking to Connect
    • Acting to Improve
    • Sharing to Inspire

You can participate by:

  • Taking part in ongoing Youth Leadership Challenges posted on a regular basis. Prizes and incentives will be offered from time to time!
  • Posting about what the young people you work with are already doing to create positive change and practice leadership. Make sure to tag your posts with #LeadTheChangeCO.
  • Nominating a young person to apply to be a #LeadTheChangeCO Ambassador. This requires two or three hours per month and includes a stipend!

Click on the video to see highlights of the #LeadTheChangeCO Summit

The #LeadTheChangeCO summit was organized through a collaborative partnership of youth and adult leaders from three organizations: Shiloh House, Rise Above Colorado, and Kaiser Permanente. The #LeadTheChangeCO movement is grounded in the public health strategy of Positive Youth Development coupled with the belief that leadership, from any chair anywhere, can create the positive changes we want to see in our communities. We believe that leadership is about having life experiences, learning from them, and being willing to share that knowledge with those around you.

Summit participants explored how the four leadership skills mentioned above could be catalysts for positive change within six Action Categories that align with the goals of CO9to25 (the Colorado statewide youth development plan, These Action categories were created to be universal enough that an individual or organization could see their passions and projects reflected in them. The six categories that will be explored throughout the #LeadTheChangeCO movement:

  • Connected: Be A Friend
  • Safe: Comfort Zone
  • Healthy: Mind, Body, Spirit
  • Educated: Seek Knowledge
  • Places and Spaces: Beautify
  • Contributing: Pay It Forward

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If you have questions or would like to discuss the social media movement or the Ambassador opportunity in depth, please contact Mark Pergola.  Otherwise, you and the young people you work with can join the movement today.