Arts Improving Community Health


AIR seeks innovative ways to employ the arts to improve and strengthen communities. Our Community Impact team works to connect our innovative programming with the latest evidenced-based best practices. Through extensive literature reviews, grants and evaluations, we demonstrate how our programs improve the lives of our members and the communities we serve.


Thriving Schools was launched in spring of 2013 to more deeply demonstrate our long-standing commitment to community health and how it is realized in the places where people live, learn, work, and play.
Through Thriving Schools, we’re actively engaged in partnerships with schools and other like-minded organizations around the country to improve the health of students, staff, and teachers, with an emphasis on healthy eating, active living, school employee well-being, and social and emotional well-being.
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Thriving Schools Investments



Physical Activity 



Social Emotional Wellness and Behavioral Health






LAEP is an education nonprofit that works as a collaborative partner in high-poverty communities to foster great schools that support the personal and academic success of children and youth from birth through high school.
Colorado is supporting Englewood School District to participate in LAEP’s programming.

The Alliance was founded by the American Heart Association and the Clinton Foundation as a response to the growing rate of childhood obesity. And just like AHG’s founders, their goal as an organization has always been to create systemic change, change that is not isolated to one home, or community, to one school, industry, or state.
Together, we want to create healthy changes that build upon one another and create a system, a nation, that makes the healthy choice the easy choice.
Colorado has enrolled 54 schools within 3 districts (Greeley Evans 6, Adams 14 and Pueblo 70) to receive assistance with improving and increasing healthy eating, healthy food access, and active living programs.

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