A social and emotional wellness play for high school students.

About the Program
Ghosted is a FREE fully digital, interactive and live streamed program designed to inspire conversations about mental health for your middle and high school students. After an engaging 30-minute film, teaching artists will lead a guided discussion where students can ask questions and share their thoughts about stress, anxiety, depression and resilience.

The Story
Will a student’s bout with anxiety allow others to create a safe space to talk about what they’re going through – and what’s really going on? Ghosted is a candid glimpse of a single day in the life of four high school students as they learn to adapt to remote learning and struggle to connect with others while still social distancing. It’s an up-close look as to how they navigate their relationships and support each other while facing harsh realities and many unknowns.

“There are all kinds of ways to ‘ghost,’ to disconnect abruptly from each other, or from life. The play is called Ghosted because it is about the fear of losing someone – a friend, a partner, even a sense of self. Despite the fear of being ghosted, in this play the characters do the opposite, they commit to staying connected regardless of their fears.”
— playwright Trista Baldwin

Target audience: Grades 8-12
Suggested size: One classroom
Duration: 30 minutes, plus 30 minutes for interactive discussion
Cost: Free to schools within Kaiser Permanente Colorado’s service area
To schedule: Send your registration request to Brain Harper or Andrea Law. Have a question? Send us an email at

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