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About the Program

AIR seeks innovative ways to employ the arts to improve and strengthen communities. Our Community Impact team works to connect our innovative programming with the latest evidenced-based best practices. Through extensive literature reviews, grants and evaluations, we demonstrate how our programs improve the lives of our members and the communities we serve.

Thriving SchoolsThriving Schools was launched in spring of 2013 to more deeply demonstrate our long-standing commitment to community health and how it is realized in the places where people live, learn, work, and play.

Through Thriving Schools, we’re actively engaged in partnerships with schools and other like-minded organizations around the country to improve the health of students, staff, and teachers, with an emphasis on healthy eating, active living, school employee well-being, and social and emotional well-being.

About Kaiser Permanente Thriving Schools
Thriving Schools encompasses all the ways that Kaiser Permanente supports schools. Find free resources for your school.

Healthy eating, active living:

Create school environments that support healthy habits.

Social and emotional well-being:

Support the emotional health and resilience of students and staff; improve school climate.

School employee well-being:

Support the physical, emotional and professional well-being of all school employees.

Thriving SchoolS INVESTMENTs

Schools receive grants for mental health, COVID-19 support

The following 5 Colorado school districts were awarded a total of $1.5 million in Thriving Schools RISE grants:

  • Cherry Creek
  • Boulder Valley
  • Thompson
  • Pueblo
  • Douglas County

The grants are designed to help districts expand implementation of the Resilience in School Environments initiative. The initiative empowers schools to create safe and supportive learning environments by cultivating practices that strengthen the social and emotional health of all school employees and students.

Grant funds are also available to support COVID-19 prevention efforts in each school district for priorities including sanitation and hygiene, expanded testing, physical distancing support, and safe meal distribution to food insecure students. Get more details.

Colorado Education Initiative

The Colorado Education Initiative (CEI) serves as an implementation partner for each of the Thriving Schools RISE district grantees by providing technical assistance, professional development, and ongoing coaching for each individual district ream. They convene the cohort of districts for learning opportunities. In addition, the CEI team provides evaluation support, collecting both quantitative data that will support the national Thriving Schools RISE evaluation plan, along with providing schools and districts with personalized, real-time data to support effective decision-making.

CEI will provide qualitative evaluation support, giving schools and districts the capacity to share their work with local leaders and decision makers. For more than a decade, CEI has been at the forefront of improvement, innovation, and change in Colorado’s public education system. CEI is a statewide nonprofit organization.


Alliance for a Healthier Generation

For more than a decade, Healthier Generation (HG) has worked with schools, youth-serving organizations, businesses, and communities to empower kids to develop lifelong healthy habits by ensuring the environments that surround them provide and promote good health. Driven by our passion that all young people deserve a chance to live healthier lives, our work has impacted up to 28 million kids across the country.

Healthier Generation (HG), together with Kaiser Permanente, launched the Resilience in School Environments (RISE) Initiative to support teachers and students with tools and resources to better manage emotions, recognize strengths and weaknesses, and rise above adversity.  As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools and districts are navigating an unprecedented shift in their learning environments, creating an even greater need for resources to support the well-being and resilience of students and educators.

By design, RISE is well-equipped to immediately meet these needs. At HG’s Action Center, find the RISE Index, an inventory tool to help assess your school or district’s social-emotional health. You can also access resources and trainings to:

  1. Increase staff job satisfaction, including reducing staff stress
  2. Improve safety, connectedness, and relationships among students and staff
  3. Boost student and staff social-emotional learning
  4. Increase efficiency and effectiveness of mental health support systems

While all school districts have access to RISE resources, the following districts receive intensive RISE support from a Colorado-based HG program manager:

  • Aurora
  • Denver


Quick Start Health Assessment

To support schools and districts in the new school year, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation developed Quick Start Health Assessments to help identify areas of health where they can take action as they navigate the ongoing challenges of COVID-19. The school edition focuses on areas of implementation, staff health, mental health and wellness, physical activity, and social drivers for schools. The District Edition is similarly themed and scaled to provide action items at the district level. The assessments can be found at the Healthier Generation’s Action Center.

Whole School Health

In partnership with Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a new program model is being implemented that addresses schools and district needs with a focus on Whole School Health and COVID-19 response and recovery, including professional learning opportunities and technical support across on-demand, virtual and onsite settings. The program model aligns with Kaiser Permanente’s social health portfolio and existing school-based social health systems and supports, e.g., family and community resource centers.

All school districts have access to Whole School Health resources. The following school districts receive intensive Whole School Health support from a Colorado-based HG program manager:

  • Adams 14
  • Pueblo 70