Un-boxing: A Revolution of the Human Heart
A social and emotional wellness presentation for students in grades 3 through 5.

image of youth in different environments

About the Program
This virtual presentation is designed to help students take a look at the “boxes” that are used to define us. Boxes can identify our race, our cultures, our qualities, and the list can go on and on. Some boxes are helpful, but sometimes we are put into boxes that don’t feel good at all.

Theater students from Metro State University Denver (MSU Denver) have teamed up with Kaiser Permanente’s Arts Integrated Resources to share their stories, and “unbox” ways we can strive for inclusion, build respects, share our family history, and empathize with each other.

Participants will be guided through live interaction and discussion to share their thoughts as we get to the heart of the matter and celebrate the beauty each student brings to their classroom and community.

Educational Objectives
Students will:

  • see and hear true stories about inclusion, identity, indigenous people, and ways to celebrate diversity
  • share places their families have lived, favorite family foods, and their family traditions
  • receive materials that guide teachers how to create “Where I Am From…” poems and encourage students to learn more about their family ancestry and history

Target audience: 3rd-5th grade students
Suggested size: One classroom
Duration: 45 minute learning session
Cost: Free to schools within Kaiser Permanente Colorado’s service area
To schedule: Contact Brian Harper or 303-204-1073

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