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Improv Encyclopedia
Laughaceuticals Informational Flier
Play: How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul

Virtual Experiences

About the ProgramOur Arts Integrated Resources Team has developed some online interactive, experiential, learning opportunities for you to build resilience. All of these are designed for anyone on a journey of self-development.


Laughaceuticals Ever notice how a joke or funny meme can quickly change your day?  Ever want to write your own joke to send to others?  This 8-minute video explores how laughter can help us physically and mentally while bringing connection with one another. Based on our “Laughaceuticals” workshops, here’s your chance to help bring a smile on the face of others…and yourself too!Better Self Podcasts
Most of us have a desire to be better.  We may secretly want to be our best selves, but realistically, no one can be the best all the time.  We can, however, be better.  The Better Self podcast series shares research, tools and ideas to help us become better, during ordinary times and times of challenge.  Join us on a path of reflection, growth and improvement.
Better Self-Gratitude
Activating AweWe all have the capacity to experience moments of profound meaning in the world around us, the powerful emotion of awe. During times of stress and anxiety, moments of awe can be a salve and relief for us …and a way for us to be led back into healthy connection with others. In this 3-part interactive series, come explore Awe; its benefits, practices and power.
Activating Awe Introduction
Activating Awe, Part 2
Activating Awe, Part 3 


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